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by The Moose

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monkeyunit9 Raw psychedelic beauty and energy from the middle of nowhere Favorite track: Sitar Centaur.
Jacob Frisbie
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Jacob Frisbie Pysch? Of course. Proggy? I didn't know amazing prog was being churned out these days like it was in the 70's. Its like King Gizzard meets the other King - King Crimson, Pink Floyd meets Animal Collective. All I want to do is blast Squid on my car's radio, with my windows down, to let people know I'm listening to THE MOOSE!!! Favorite track: Squid.
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Cast your mind into the waves, And fall in line. I’m afraid that it might be this time that they take everything that we once knew. Century of Illusion Men Century of Illusion Men Always up to something, he isn't your friend But he makes a smile... like he is. Century of Illusion Men Century of Illusion Men Runs a lap of silence The back of his hand And he makes.. A smile.
Squid 14:41
Rode up the elevator to a room full of mirrors We’re just trying to say hello. (hazy steam blocks the view from the door) Feeling lavish to our surprise, a ghostly squid, Came from the powder room and cried. (Have we told you how beautiful you are?) And then we thought, with everything all going swell, Is it safe to say your from the future? The man’s tall tale is growing mad All we wanted was to see our very best friend But the sun gave him his bitter end. (How can we serve your spookiness?) Why don’t you rearrange the flowers in my sea garden, Or feed me wine if you’ve got the time. (Catch a grape and I’ll throw you the vine) Clap your hands for the song of tears! It’s just a song in the mighty sea With squid and me Laughing free At the lagoon having sands of fun Ladadee Ladadoo Ladadumm Back up your bags this place is at it’s brim The story is not what you know. (We showed up just in time to mourn) And now you say our friends have to go?
All I need Is just a little time. Another hidden night ride, And I’ll take off and show you the light. How are you tied down and peachy? You walked away from all your pretty nights. Who could give a damn ‘bout your business coat? There is so much more You know sometimes I’m lazy Take a rocket puff just to feel it right Feelin’ out of sight No obligations for the rest of time. I’ve always vowed I’d keep waiting Now look at the time You’re caught up, and play all too seriously. Why can’t you make out a sign? No one’s standing ‘round to praise you for a life that cycles through the lot And whatcha have to show for it? You just wake up tense cause you can’t sleep on it. I can’t stay here forever Forever No Gonna chase the galactic Galactic Gold
Seathru 02:42 video
Everything is going to Everything is seathru Anyway you think thru Baby it’s just the way it goes One night you walked into the… LAKE And I never said a word of you and I And I never want to say goodbye So I’m left out Everything is going to Everything is seathru Jack knows which way you’ve pulled me to And I thought I thought of another thing?
She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, Nothing. Her world stops, The earth does not. Fly away, she could stay forever, she would. She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, She waits, Forever.
Oh ye who drinks less we won’t take lightly For he is the man who will play for the wives he. . . Carries the troubles of all of our game Just one song or more, and she’ll throw out her shame! Sing us a tune That will make all the maidens here swoon! But I will fall and- Then we’ll return to our rooms!
Lost Lake 01:43
Lava 07:18
I’m hopin’ on a Sunday, To spend it out on the water You’re on my mind and when it’s killing me, Dance with the bell-bottom trees! He’s playin’ She’s shakin’ Everybody else is stuck working ‘til the day ends Some say that we’re all just selfish now But once we’re welcomed ashore. . . (We can make this home) Breathtaking so naturally I’m never running back until I say what I mean To the bell-bottom trees Miss Lady and Stanley Gather up their friends and go dancing as a family They never knew what they had I’d like to say I’ve had enough But I can’t take this dream away Maybe I’ll take the nice ones too and. . . Have them stay I’d like to know why we’ve all grown to be so down Once we’re welcomed ashore (We can make this home) Breathtaking so naturally I’m never running back until I say what I mean To the bell-bottom trees “You can follow me, And stay as long as you please!”
Burns my eyes Cuts through my head She told me Natural Vitamin You know they need it The Sun is on the other side Satin White Acclaimed sinners once knew Fly onto Never saw a free land They told me The Sun is on the other side
The Sun 03:09
Will future lovers see the coming day, That we live to see The Sun? The everlasting one Her children travel near and far The Sun They circle in eternity around her The Sun The universal heart A look inside we’ll find she’s lonely Empty from the Birth of many Leaving only one with plenty A message from across the void They’re calling out to The Sun You’ve always been the kind for nurturing The Sun She’s longing for your touch The Sun
Why can’t the sun go down a little slower now? One in the band, Life’s just pretend when you blend in Someone take the chip off Jack’s shoulder Farmer watch your back It’s not hasty, it is what we lack Hey you, we’re only just passing through The garden that gives Who knew that you weren’t a community fool And yet the keeper we take from? Jack falls but the rest of them all Just go on And it can’t be any less now And I’m filled to my head, the green It’s all for me The lettuce leaves are free And I’ll never shy away from the views Of the middle man Hate to see all your goods going bad And don’t you know it’s all part of her plan? Farmer spits quite a hefty hit To the best in all the batch (Can’t say you didn’t see it comin’) Yeah, it’s what I lack Couldn’t stop to chat on the way to the lettuce patch
How can I stand For Capitalist regret? And how can they take what they say So casually? Claimed how we felt Faster than the polar caps can melt So I ran off to the ship; Just a blaster at the hip Never took the time to say my suspicions unashamed And I never said where I want to go Or who I’d wander with I only thought not to worry me An unhealthy thing we have repeat, You could joke But come another night it’s you and yours Could you ever just… Wasn’t afraid to chase Lost seconds from an outer place If you come and get me, you won’t find me They’ll ask so sincere, “How does one just drift away from here?” Oh Columbia failed me! I once was down there!
Stars blazing in my eyes all again, I said the sun will come back around but I don’t know when I think I smell another dying breed Forced to feed your energy Oh Baby! You’ve got me all on the floor Oh Baby! I didn’t want to ask for more I said I told you once and I told you twice The earth is shit, but the plants are nice We’re all doomed and that’s not news But she wanted to know where you got those shoes Oh Baby! You’ve got me all on the floor Oh Baby! I didn’t want to ask for more And when the sun hits sky And when the clouds come around (I’m fine) They won’t go burn just for nothing A third of it is gone And all the people who breathe it Wish help could come along I look up in the stars and all of the sky Watch it fall beneath our very eyes When the phone rings and the TV screams You know we already burned back in 2016.
I’ve found a way The truth takes the shape of the grape The fun’s all play True emotion comes from when people demonstrate What do you say? Is dancing all you do for an escape? Sure looks great To be zombies early before the grave Big-B on the war with fiending What makes it wrong you feel like shooting stars? Get ready for a big surprise. . .
The path is long ahead and curls behind Rumors tell of a place of peace I’ve spoke to many folks whose lives are better than my own It’s part of being grown I’m looking for a place to stay For I am on my way to see The Mother Tree Come and see, bring a friend, make you smile, Mother Tree Come find your zen Mother Tree You can make it whatever you wish Mother Tree I met a bird who sang to me a song “The tree is right, and all of you are wrong.” He said to me that I must give my life away If ever I am to be free So now I seek a place to stay For I am on my way to see The Mother Tree / Fill the cup to stop the breathing You can picture what I’m feeling Muddy Tree, watch carefully What’s just doesn’t come naturally / The mud is from the rain that fills the sky “She will shelter you” Asleep beside the fire I dream of warmth in someplace else So endlessly I search for I Am certain that the answer is The Mother Tree
Bay Laurel 04:50
Every now and again (becomes) Every now and then We drift away on comfort’s hand I’d say we’re lost and we’re tossed away Thinking of the day When bay leaves planted strange love I said I loved you in a way You saw just blinking of the day Did you ever think we could be this high? Off anything? Other than seeing things and laughing? I’m tapping into anything and everything That helps connect our fragile minds You didn’t take my hand yet checked the time You can’t keep banking on Laurel Bay Wishing all was how it was leaves the present to decay What softer breeze could keep us away? Flew on without me,never thanking. Scrying along for the taking Wandered off to find our flowers.. Mating I leave you with a trace of my love Don’t take the leaves until you feel what’s real I’ll be ‘round in the vivid wakes Where they take me ‘Round and ‘Round Every now and again Becomes Every now and then
You were young and softer And you said to me What you couldn’t be Where’s the crown for your ego I started thinking too much of your fears of the unknown And just as a matter of fact I confess to the starlight Oh Diamond, where did you run to? I couldn’t find you The skin above your shoulder Can’t conceal your cyclical nature Popular for the night You’d say anything just to make it You didn’t think you were strong enough Casting a shadow that brought them all together They didn’t think about the stormy weather It’s not so plain to the unfortunate Who can’t.. Play games Who’s left to blame when the eclipse fades away? I’d sigh, I’d blame myself Another beam from the farthest galaxy Make me cry for a lie Starlight, you’ve run out of time Oh Miss Starlight, you’ve run out of time You’ll see if you look a little closer Ice melts pretty fast when it gets warmer We strive for the life We never listened for some simple advice Just to hear, the longer you travel The older you get Speaking sparingly isn’t fair Could you call Just to say You won’t anymore? You ∞
Grasswalkin' 05:46
Lower the bar for yourself Just take a step to the green Again A medicine Release your mind and skin and then You’re Grasswalkin’ They’ll all join in the end Just see the way your walkin’ That ain’t no standard way of talkin’ We sway their way Their way of livin We’re up all night Grasswalkin’ We lay beneath the trees We lay beneath the trees Til we find our way To anything we want Sway to the right As you walk on by We feel the buzz and we play cool (Just see the way you’re walkin’) (That ain’t no standard way of talkin’) Grasswalkin’
Oh, we’re saved? Very strange after all they said before Progressives say We’ve escaped to freedom Now the states seem rather… Sickening They wanted more We realized only moments before, It was the end of time Solutions crumble, the world’s divide A perfect struggle destined for human kind Did you think this was some conspiracy? (Soon you’ll find) The Earth and the Sun will collide, And maybe we can stay for a while Earth Corrupts the heavens with her foul grasp Cool of you to sit around Full of propaganda lies (Everything’s fine, it’s not the end of time) Ah, they want too much from the sun And did you know that we aren’t the only ones? I’ll strap you in my love We’ve come to turbulence Don’t say you’ve lost your mind Your pills are working fine


"Spature" is a sonic amalgamation of sunny peaks and dark chasms. Join The Moose as they experiment with the fantastical worlds of space and nature. From 'Lava' to 'Mother Tree', there is a song on this double LP for everyone.


released April 22, 2021

Music and Lyrics by The Moose.
Engineered, Mixed, and Mastered by Emma Klein and Jake Hilger.
"Bell-Bottom Trees" Engineered by Blaise Howard.
Front cover art by Lionel Williams.
Back cover photographed by Mitch Martin.
© 2021 Desert Animal Records, Kansas City, MO


all rights reserved



The Moose Kansas City, Missouri

Psychedelic Rock/Pop band out of Kansas City, Missouri


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